Azores Airlines adds more flights from Porto

  • Lusa
  • 8 August 2023

The reinforcement of the Azores Airlines operation in Porto will take place "from next IATA winter" (which starts in October and runs until March 2024).

Azores Airlines, part of the SATA group, will boost its domestic and international air operation to Porto, with three new routes between that city and North America and an increase in weekly flights between the Azores.

According to a press release from the SATA group, the reinforcement of the Azores Airlines operation in Porto will take place “from next IATA winter” (which starts in October and runs until March 2024).

The company said in the statement sent to the Lusa agency that it will proceed with “six international ‘multi-leg’ flights (via the Azores) between Porto and the North American cities of Boston, New York (JFK) and Toronto (Canada) and the reinforcement of the direct air operation to the Azores (Terceira and São Miguel islands) with the offer of 30 weekly flights, which will represent an increase of 24% when compared to the same period of 2022 “.

“From the IATA summer 2024 (from March to October 2024), the flights will be reinforced again, with the operation reaching 42 weekly flights between Porto and the Azores (Terceira and São Miguel) plus six weekly direct international flights between Porto and North America (New York – JFK, Boston and Toronto) and vice versa. This offer will represent a 36% increase compared to the summer of 2023”, the airline added.

The airline acknowledged that “it wants to continue to consolidate the direct air operation between Porto and the Azores archipelago”.

At the same time, Azores Airlines “intends to enhance its offer in Porto and in the North American destination, a market to which it has been flying for more than two decades and which it now claims as a convenient alternative for those looking to travel between North America and Europe”.

Azores Airlines belongs to the SATA group and whose activity consists of regular air transport to and from the Azores archipelago.

The company is part of SATA Holding, which also includes SATA Air Açores, founded in 1941, and SATA Aeródromos, which manages four of the five airports in the Azores.

It operates a regular network of destinations between the Azores and North America, Europe and the archipelagos of the Azores, Madeira and Capo Verde.